(Updated: August 2017)

Knowing how to manage user roles on Google My Business is useful for a number of reasons, and there are several potential circumstances where this knowledge may be useful. Perhaps you have created a Google My Business page but would like someone else in your organization to manage it. Or, for example, you’ve hired a 3rd party to do Local SEO for your business and they need access to your page in order to manage and optimize it. Whatever the reason, being able to add a new user on Google My Business is easy to accomplish, so long as you know the proper steps.

Steps to Manage Users on Google My Business

1. Open a new browser tab and go to https://business.google.com. If you are already logged into your business Google account, you will be directed to your GMB dashboard where you will see the businesses you currently manage in either card, list, or map view.

2. Ensure that you are logged into the correct Google account by checking the icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. If in “card view” click on Manage Page for the business you would like to manage user roles for. If in “list view” simply click on the business you’d like to manage in the list.

4. If you clicked from “card view” you will be brought to your listing dashboard. Click the Users menu item in the left-hand vertical navigation area. If you clicked from “list view” you will be brought to the Location Details page where you will click the pencil icon in the Who has access section.

5. In the Manage permissions pop-up box, click the Invite new users icon in the top-right corner, then add the email address of the user you would like to add. Choose an applicable user role and click Invite.

Other things to consider…

  • The person granted a new user role will receive a notification asking them to accept the role.
  • A manager can do everything the page owner can with the exception of adding/removing other managers, and deleting the page.
  • Ownership of the page can be transferred by the page owner to a manager.
  • Managers must be fully trusted as they will have the ability to make changes to the page as well as interact with your customers.


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